We have a new SPARQL Endpoint at:

The data set is currently at 37,849,891 triples and includes:

It is going to be a little unstable over the next few months as we make a number of changes.

The triple counts for the related data sets are the count for the triples in this endpoint not all the data from the original LOD source.

TaxonConcept / GeoSpecies Datasets:

Triples    Graph
37849891 Global Graph
14726962 urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:taxonconcept - TaxonConcept Knowledge Base

Currently Loaded Related Datasets:
Triples    Graph
50499    urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:bbc       - BBC Wildlifefinder
348380   urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:bioimages - Bioimages Bioimages Image Database (currently down)
1727519  urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:dbpedia   - DBpedia resources of type dbpedia-owl:Species
968788   urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:eunis     - EUNIS Database EEA Species Database
31461    urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:geonames  - Geonames Countries, North American States etc.
12482861 urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:itis      - ITIS (from EUNIS)Integrated Taxonomic Information System
6655527  urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:uniprot   - Uniprot Taxonomy partial

Currently Unloaded Related Datasets:
Triples    Graph
1744892  urn:org:taxonconcept:dataspace:geospecies   - GeoSpecies Knowledge Base (currently down)